Thursday, 5 July 2007

Years ago ......

Years ago just for a dare i did something just for a laugh . If i did this now it could have ended very unpleasently. .What happened was i was with some others in a house that i lived in in Brighton. . We had a replica pistol of some sort, and a wig that had long straight black hair ,a black beret, and some dark sunglasses. .So with the wig etc and the replica pistol, i looked like a terrorist or a revolutionary.

So the idea was to run out into the street, run around a bit pointing the gun around at moving cars and then dive back into the house quickly. .I had a go and then went back inside then someone else did. .I know this sounds very irresponsible and all that but no harm was done to anyone and we werent reported either. . I did it twice and i was in absolute fits of laughter each time i went back inside.

If i did this now you can imagine what would happen.

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