Monday, 23 July 2007

Is it just me or is everything shit ? The book.

You see this book everywhere like at WHSMITHS at train stations. I have been reading bits of it and i am sorry to say that you should have included your own book in your book about everything being shit.I have just read a bit more and it just isnt very good.They just rant [if you can call it that] about either predictable things like.........IKEA !!!!.... amazing or totally irrelevent things like Railway menu cards or Ross Noble. Thats right they criticise Ross Noble for *Not* being funny .Well i have to agree there but since these two [Steve Lowe and Alan Mcarthur] havent made me laugh once or any other kind of emotional response not withstanding boredom within the 45 minutes that i have been reading this book then its a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Their example of "proper" swearing is Spunky Fucking Tit-Monkeys Arsing Cockerama and co . Now Thats *proper * swearing they say. Well i suppose it is for a Lets have a guess now a 40 year old ? or a 40 year old with a mental age of about 14. That means that if you combine the mental ages of both the authors then you get a combined mental age that still falls way short of their age in actual years. They sound like a couple of geezers who thought of an idea and wrote? a book. They were probably pissed when they thought of the idea and pissed when they wrote it as well as whenever they attempt a rant their writing "style" just degenerates or degenerates even more into puerile rubbish.

I feel a sequal to this book is in the pipeline with humour as well.Well the competition is hardly a problem here. There may be another explanation for this book.That is it may be an exercise in irony instead.To think that these two authors could manage that is a bit of a tall order.I think "unintentional irony " would be more like it.

Fucking third rate rubbish. A waste of trees. A waste of my fucking time.

Now *thats* what i call a book review not that misleading soundbite on the back cover that says "yes its very funny " etc. Look at that !! no punctuation or in,correct pu;nctuati,on That will have them all frothing at the mouth with anger. .Boring. Next .....

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