Sunday, 29 July 2007

unfinished project might restart

3 years ago a project i was involved in ended rather acrimoniously because of problems with the owner of the building who is a bit of a nutcase.The building is the second most important building in brighton as it a Robert Adam building [Marlborough house].Robert Adam is a famous scottish architect during the 18th century.It was bought off the council as it was the tourist information office.What a state it was in as well.We got as far as restoring the facade and renewing the front section of the roof.Getting that far was fraught with problems . We all left after that because of the owner of the building. The idea was to turn the building into a six star hotel.This didnt happen and the building has sat empty for a further three years.Just recently the owner of the building has got together with someone or other who has 50 million and wants to spend money on the building together with the owner who has promised this time to not interfere in the building works that will happen.This building was bought for just under a million and is now worth about 4 million so potentially restored it will be worth getting on for 8 million.Apparently it is going to be a gentlemans drinking club or a hotel.I am not sure which .I dont care as long as the building is saved.All work done to the building has to be approved by English Heritage.Its a nice little job right in the centre of town next to the Lanes in Brighton.If this building was sold there were at least half a dozen companies that would want the building for their company headquarters.

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