Saturday, 7 July 2007

unidentified flying objects

The time was 11.20 pm. I went out side to see if the cat was there.

I looked up at the sky . The sky was clear and stars were visible but no moon.

I am facing due south towards the sea.

After a second or two i see a very bright pinprick of light that is a very intense orange colour slowly moving past in the sky in an easterly direction.

I thouight this was very unusual so i ran upstairs to get some binoculars.

Back outside i followed this object until it was out of sight.

Through magnification it appeared to be a pinprick of very intense orange colour.

Then straight away i caught sight of another that must have been following it. It was identical and moving in the same direction. No sound either.

Then would you believe it was another 2 of these objects that were travelling due east together one in front of the other directly overhead due south.

Their speed was consistent and they stayed in a straight line.

As they travelled east they seemed to stop and stay completely still in the sky. To the left of the 2 not moving objects was a third object. all 3 together formed a reverse L shape.

The object at the rear moved to the left torming a triangle instead.

Then they moved forwards and disappeared.

What was very unusual was the intensity of the orange colour. It was far brighter than anything else in the sky.

But through magnification they seemed to be very small which would imply that they were a good distance away.

there may have been more before i went outside but certainly none since writing this post as i am looking out of the window while posting.

I feel a bit wierd after that.

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