Tuesday, 10 July 2007


There is more spurious [or not as the case may be] reports that "Al quieda' are planning to bomb this country because Salman Rushdie was given a knighthood !!

Its goes beyond the ridiculous.

Salman Rushdie has written loads of books and as someone else pointed out what has this got to do with a load of fanatical ragheads in Afghanistan ?

Why dont these fanatical types just learn to relax, have a drink, have a joint and learn to not take their absurd written word so seriously.

The whole planet has to kow tow to their absurd beliefs.

They are getting a bit tiresome.

If i had my way then they should stay up in the hills of Afghanistan and carry on herding Goats.

Or they could kill some more time oppressing women as that is one of their other talents.

They dont exactly look like they are a barrel of laughs do they ?

Miserable fuckers

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