Sunday, 1 July 2007

shooting results

First shooting range. the most difficult one. 4 out of 10 kills

Second shooting range: not as hard 6 out of 10 kills

third shooting range : 7 out of 10 kills

Very disappointed in the amount of shotgun cartridges i was allocated . 30 cartridges only.

It was booked through an agency so they effectivly stole 30 cartridges that were swallowed up in their charges. Book direct next time.

It was quite windy so the clay pigeons were being blown around all over the place. On the second range 3 of the clay pigeons disappeared behind the tree line to the right but i still hit all 3 of them. Result.

Went for lunch in a pub /restaraunt. The meal was below standard. What is it these days that food has to be prissily arranged on a plate in a poncey fashion ? Always with far too much plate showing and also nowhere near enough of it and always with sauce dribbled all over it. I cant stand all that pretentious rubbish. Starter course : Lemon and Spinach risotto with parmesan. Virtually no parmesan present. horrible. I improved the taste with lots of black pepper. You almost dont know wether to eat it or look at it. I should have just looked at it.

2nd course : Chicken something or other with a scattering of potatoes and things. Same problem as above. The chicken was gone in about 10 seconds flat. Also no discernable taste of parmesan as promised. Perhaps i should have bought my own parmesan instead.
Chicken is always better after it has been marinated before cooking.

Pudding: Strawberry Creme brulee. Tiny in size. Also another case of the sauce missing the pudding altogether and ending up on the plate instead. I almost reverted to my habit of licking the plate clean. Also there was a tiny scattering of icing sugar all over the plate which had a similar appearence to the after effect of sneezing over a line
of cocaine. I checked it but it was only icing sugar.

All in all i would give that place no more than 4 out of 10. Not enough to fill up a mouse. Overstyled pretentious food i hate. A waste of 25 quid. Its like you have to do everything yourself sometimes.

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