Thursday, 19 July 2007

fundementalists and their support of greedy american multinational capitalist infidels

Today i saw a photograph of a muslim fundementalist drinking Mcdonalds Cola out of one of those large paper cups that you drink with a straw.I am sorry but that just takes the biscuit.

They were protesting or had been suspected of spreading hate.It matters not.

"Its lunchtime, I am going to McDonalds for a bite to eat and a drink.Anyone want anything ? Yes please, big mac,fries ,and a large coke to go ! And make it snappy ! Its hungry work demonstrating against the evils of western and american Imperialism ! Where would we be without the golden arches and ronald Mcdonald ? bloody starving thats what !!

Thank you Uncle Sam. We love your food but we hate your foreign policy.Just dont tell my friends that you saw me drinking this OK ? I will never hear the end of it !

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