Tuesday, 3 July 2007

opinions and people

for 2 or 3 days i have been in conversation with a few others about an incident on sunday. A matter was bought to my attention that we or i should not be talking about it openly because the suspects in question had not been specifically or officially charged or connected with incidents that had occured since friday. We or i couldnt talk about it openly yet it was alright for the "media" to talk and sensationalize the incidents. What is going on there ?

I then said my bit again as previously i was making fun of it or the "media". This was then miread or misunderstood by another.

so i replied back and then said that i agreed with their original point and that we had our wires crossed.

Fair enough you might think.

I thought that was the end of it.

the following day i posted another paragraph of opinion all related to the topic of conversation.

So i get the inevitable backlash but not that serious at all . It was lighthearted mostly except for one. fair enough but it was the context of their arguement if you could call it that as i am still not clear on this.

what i think they meant was that i shouldnt watch any media at all as i was questioning it.

Or : I should buy papers and watch news otherwise i wont know whats going on then i wont be worried about things.

Or : If i say i am not worried then that is wrong because the media say i should be.

Or : If i criticise journalism or papers that is wrong as i am in no position to do so .

Or : I can read or watch something about an incident but i cant talk about it but everyone else can.

i could go on but its boring

this person doesnt have an arguement i dont think but maybe something else is motivating them .

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