Sunday, 1 July 2007

Ten Pin Bowling

I dont always get to choose the time and the place so i found myself going with the flow and ending up in a ten pin bowling alley. I hate ten pin bowling but i couldnt piss on someone elses bonfire so i had to grin and bear it. you had to change shoes and one of the girls behind the shoe counter was going to spray some aerosol chemical shit into my shoes before i asked her not to. My feet dont smell so there was no need.

On to the bowling: Had a go for a bit. I was a total disaster apart from a few good throws. Got more and more frustrated with it to the point when i just wanted to throw the fucker as hard and far as i could at the wall in front. A friend was a lot better than i was so i gave him all the rest of my goes as i was no longer interested in it.

I killed time in the Amusement arcade feeding a machine tokens to shoot zombies in house of the Dead 4. Much more enjoyable !

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