Sunday, 15 July 2007

A point to clear up

If anyone cares or has read all this i mentioned wanting to go on a selection for the military.This was mainly because i wanted to challenge the military on their age policy of being accepted into the military.This is because i dont see any reason why a 39 year old should in someone elses opinion be less fit than a 32 year old.I dont like ageism at all.I react far more to that than rascism etc and its everywhere.So that was my motivation.I like physical challenge and the selection would be interesting from that point of view. A 120 ib rucksack ? no problem.

Hopefully i dont read like some silly fantasist on the internet sitting there making up funny storys for whatever wierd reason who has watched too many films or books.The subject has its own "cult" following anyway by its very nature.I dont want to read like some saddoe fantasising about themselves.

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