Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thats nice !!

No hostile unpleasentness on the messageboard today and i was talking about Jews as well.

That is very encouraging. .Everyone should be able to co-exist happily together. Its not difficult. . My rules are never take things personally. The same goes for the others. .I said to my friend last week when we had a heated arguement "its pointless talking to you, Gary, you are talking bullshit. Its wrong. ". I went upstairs to cool off a bit then i hour later i went down again and started talking to Gary as if nothing had happened. Its easy. Lifes to short for petty squabbles and hurt feelings. It really is. .We are all supposed to be adults.

Unfortunatly it can take a big shock in life or something terrible to happen in life before you realise that fact like an unexpected death in the family to realise that lifes to short.

Myself i dont give a toss what anyone else says generally unless i am being persistantly hounded by someone unless there is an injustice of some sort.

Also my policy on physical violence and confrontation is that i never fight unless i am physically attacked first. Even then i just give them a warning. That is usually enough. .I am not small and i dont know my own strength at all so its best not to take chances. I was warned about this from an early age. .Self control and self discipline are very imprtant things. Particularly in Martial Arts. .I dont know any martial arts myself.

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