Monday, 30 July 2007

cash [or lack of it ]

I need an injection of cash like you wouldnt believe . A minimum of half a million will do.I dont want to borrow as i have never borrowed ever.i have no credit history whatsoever.I dont want to ask for it either.I am expected to make my own way in the world like my dad did.Harsh but fair unlike my sister who got tens and tens of thousands into debt and had to be baled out but she was left with part of the debt to clear herself just to teach her a lesson.God knows what it was all spent on and i am not supposed to know anyway so she had better not read this then.
I want to do it all of my own back and no one elses as i refuse to not be independant as well .So i have 2 schemes both perfectly legal .One will involve being paid to do what i like doing anyway so i cant go wrong. I suppose everyone needs cash as well as me so thats nothing new . I dont think small , i think big instead .Why waste your time thinking small.I just have to get on with it now.I am giving up gaming and other out of work stuff as there are only so many hours in the day to get things done.I dont socialize much out and about as enough people come round here anyway.Its rare to get this place to myself at anytime.I need to concentrate so i am going to hang a very large do not disturb sign on my door saying i am writing.Please leave alone.

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