Saturday, 7 July 2007

More of the same

It maybe 10 years ago now when this happened.

It was christmas eve when i was out going for a drink in various pubs in the countryside with others . We ended up in Alfriston where we found a pub that had a lock in so we could drink later.

After a while i went outside for a bit . Looking over towards the downs in the distance [these are high hills in the distance about a mile away] i could see some thing that was on top of the hill that seemed to be a very bright red light that flashed on and off 3 times each time. It sort of took off from the top of the hill and went upwards at 45 degrees every so often flashing red 3 times at regular intervals.

Heres the interesting bit : Over to the right in the sky was a police helicopter that was hovering a bit of a distance away that seemed to be watching the red object until it disappeared .

And that was it.


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