Friday, 13 July 2007

who am i part 2

That last post may be bullshit as i am not sure exactly yet wether it is true or not without doing more research into it. I dont really care either way. I am just as happy to be a peasent !!

THe above mentioned second illegitemate son had seven more children that all died without children therefore ending the bloodline. The title of The Duke of De Maine either became extinct after his death or it was transferred to one of the other siblings or to someone else entirely who may not have had a direct relationship to the royal family of france or the title may have become extinct all together.

I am interested because i am interested in history not because of self aggrendisation of course !

As an aside i do have several documents that are to do with a Lordship in North Wales.One is a royal document that has been updated lots of times. These need to be studied and translated proffessionally. They are nothing special lordships as they dont tend to have property rights attached anymore and they are a relic of feudal times.

I could sell it to an american as they love all that stuff.

These documents came from a dealer at a boot fair as they thought that they were deeds to a house but they didnt read them properly. Not a bad deal for a tenner.

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