Thursday, 26 July 2007

Todays fun and games

Today a shithead in a white van tried to run me off the road today.I was on a bike .The road was double parked so only enough for one at a time.I had precedence here.The shithead had to stop so he was a bit unhappy so i got the usual verbal.I answered back so he stops.He gets more obnoxious and tries to get out of the van .I blocked him so he couldnt get out.Then i called him a Cowboy.He got more aggressive like a little dog that is pent up and frustrated.A bit like a small dog that is locked in a car that becomes aggressive.So he gets one of those spanners that you undo a car wheel with so he could whack me round the head with it.Before he could do that i got hold of him and santched it off him before he could do something silly with it.Then he drives away and as he did so i threw the spanner at the van where it hit the back of it.

It was just so easy.I kept the spanner as a memento.It was like dealing with a child.Well it felt like it anyway as he had no strength.I hope i taught him a lesson before he assaults someone else.

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