Thursday, 19 July 2007

Pent up frustration

This is for someone i know who brought the subject of pent up frustration or anger last night online. I was once so annoyed that i punched a wall so hard that i impacted a knuckle.Another time at home here fairly recently i punched the door 8 times in succession.It was a modern fire door and it is very solid.its a bit self destructive but sometimes or all the time it is better out than in.I know you will read this so do what you have to do to get it out of your system as long as it doesnt harm someone else.Dont bottle it up as eventually you will make yourself ill .Physically and mentally.

Transferring your personal baggage isnt going to get you anywhere.Whatever has happened to you i dont know but you sound like you have been given a hard time by whoever it was.Dont be a victim .Wether it is your parents or whoever it is they dont have the right to ruin your life so dont let them ruin your life.And dont regret the course of your life in a way that sounds final as it isnt.I am sure you have plenty of time ahead so dont cry over spilt milk.look ahead instead.

read this or disregard it. Its your choice.

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