Friday, 13 July 2007

Who am i ?

I am a descendant and a very distant one[amongst many others] at that of the second son of King Louis XIV of france.
[the Sun king].
This is because one side of my family has the surname De Maine as in the Duke of De Maine who was the above second son who was given the title by the king of france in the late 1600s. He later lost all royal rights because of some plot or other that went wrong and was found out by the king so the title or rights were taken away from them. There ended their royal ambitions there and then.

Last time i looked there were 7 De Maines in the whole of the london telephone directory so they are quite rare but not that rare. Wolf isnt that common a name either come to think of it.

Wolf famillies can be traced back as well apparently.

There is still more royalty there if you look back than that german lot that are on the throne in this country now.

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