Sunday, 22 July 2007

A Wedding

This is irrelevent to everyone. Why blog it then ? Because i want to.

One of my friends got married yesterday.This friend has tolerated me for 15 years as has his family as over the years they have been like a second family as i dont see mine all that often.Anyway he has married a chinese girl so all her family were over from china to be at the wedding.I didnt say a word to any of them and they must have thought what the fuck is that ? when they saw me at least thats what i thought anyway.

Anyway the whole thing was perfect. The setting , the church , the reception , the guests , everything. I just had to sit through the religous bit.I have already talked about the yurt that was used for the reception. The Best Mans speech was very funny and politically incorrect in one or two places.I made one or two new aquaintences as well.I ate 4 times as many strawberries and cream as everyone else and the rest of what i ate was just about up to scratch.One of the chinese kids just had to fall in the pond ! Inevitable .

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