Wednesday, 4 July 2007


what an experience this message board business is. its always difficult keeping people happy at the best of times but it seems some cant be pleased at all. What am i doing wrong ? I know a lot of people and i have to talk and deal with all sorts of problems every day and i am self employed so i have clients to keep happy as well. why is it none of them misunderstand me yet messageboarders do ? i know i am opinionated and all that and some people dont like that but thats life. I just dont know what i am doing or saying that is that bad. I realise i am not always on topic but if others start off topic threads then i reply to them. why not ? I must admit i dont often talk sci fi but i cant always add to anothers thread if i have nothing to say.

One person has a real chip on his shoulder about me yet he isnt big enough to say what it is exactly. .He doesnt impress me one bit as i have met his type many many times before and i know how to deal with them. Because of me being me i have had this problem before many times before always with the same type of person. I am not weak and insecure but they are.

Lets pick on Peter they think. They usually stop simply because they cant win as i wont let them as they realise that they have bitten off far more than they can chew. .So if any of you bullying types are reading this and you decide that you have a dislike for me then stop and think it over for a bit because i am bigger,smarter,faster, and the rest than you will ever be.

So if your curiosity gets the better of you and i am talking to you specifically [you know who you are] then read this post again and reconsider your next move if you feel like disrespecting me again as you keep doing. Killfile and then Unkillfile ? make your mind up. which way is it going to be? It must mean that you enjoy it if you keep coming back for more each time. As i already said i am going to killfile you now permanently. my annoying of people on the messageboard is unintentional. yours is systematic harrassment. but no more with me ever Army boy. Who is your next victim going to be i wonder ? or am i a one off case ? . you resisted the temptation to post more bile in reply to my post ? That was sensible i think. you never stopped yourself before so why now ?

enough said Maybe it is all a wierd mind game to you i dont know but if it is then thats scary.

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  1. that's what so great about blogs, if you dont like a persons comments you can just delete them. i think the problem with message boards, and blogs and stuff online is that its just words you are reading. its not like when you talk to people and you can hear the tone of peoples voice, and you can see their eyes and that helps you to tell what they mean by what they say. you dont have that on message boards and so things are more likely to be missinterperated. i think you haven't always been totally clear about what you are talking about or what your meaning and that has led to some people taking a disliking to you. sometimes i've missinterperated what you say. sometimes people do with me.

    still i think you-know-who certainly has a major problem and some people just cant let things go. its good that you have both killfilled one another now and we dont have to put up with this negitive vibe about the board. i think you should have just ignored him or killfilled him sooner. responding to people who are obviously looking for an oppertunity to attack you are just waiting for you to give them another excuse. don't provoke him further just leave it alone now.