Thursday, 12 July 2007


I thought i would expand on the subject of Nerds.

First of all does it mean someone who is an outsider ? If so then count me in. If it means you dont want to fit in then count me in again. If it means you couldnt fit in if you tried then again count me in. What does or what should a nerd look like ? I know what i think they should look like but i dont fit into that category.Does being a nerd mean you should have a lack of social skills and be unable to make friends ? .In my case i dont fit that description at all. I can make friends easily but there is hardly anyone at all i want to make friends with generally with normal folk. Generally everyone i know is a bit different and unusual or eccentric in some way or other. We are all misfits here.Its us lot who make life interesting.Its us who dare to step out of line and do our own thing instead

In my case i dont feel like i belong with boring ,straight, non-entities at all.I never felt different until i started going to school here.It doesnt take much to work out really if you were in my shoes and had lived my life that was totally unlike everyone elses i knew plus a very different background as well plus looking different as well. I remember reading an interview with Robert Palmer who had a similar background and an exotic childhood who was the suntanned kid who arrived at school one day in Yorkshire and who never fitted in there.In my case there was a certain amount of bullying going on with kids. IT was like being mobbed by a pack of hounds sometimes. This is where i learned to fight back and fight back i did.I had fights at school that drew crowds if they were pre arranged to happen on the playing fields at lunchtime or after school.Great fun.That was my idea of sport. I was persecuted at school for not wanting to participate in school sports teams as i should have been as i was the athletic type who should have been very good at it but i couldnt stand the "sporty" jock types as they thought they were "it " of course. They didnt like it as you were letting down your school "house "down as there was a lot of competition between houses.

Before the age of 11 i never had friends because i was always on the move and to a certain extent i used to go away a lot during school breaks especially in summer when you got 8 weeks off. Anyway i am happy being solitary so i didnt mind at all.

Once i got out of that place everything was fine although i still feel different and alienated from most people but thats fine by me. Its a bit like famous people only mix with famous people.They are the only people who they can relate to and understand what its like.

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  1. wikitionary says:


    nerd (plural nerds)

    (slang, derogatory) A person, often studious, with poor social skills.

    i've always taken the word to mean something similar to geek, in that someone has certain tastes and hobbies that aren't shared by the others around them which makes them a bit of an outcast. like me growing up, but i embraced the geekness a long time ago