Saturday, 7 July 2007

More about Hastings

I live in Brighton now but i used to live in Hastings. People always run down Hastings. It has a lot of social problems they say like drugs and poverty etc. well what do you think there is in Brighton ? Stupid arses. Brighton has one of the highest Heroin deaths per capita in england.

these idiots are in denial or they arent paying attention. I suppose all they see are the yuppies and their expensive flats.
Brighton doesnt have any socio economic problems at all of course. .Of course it doesnt. Anything you say.

Alistair Crowley spent a lot of time in hastings and local urban myths say that he put a curse on hastings.

There has been a slant in media journalism to run down Hastings in papers and television probably because its not cool and trendy and not so close to London and not enough trendy media types live there and not nearly enough overspill that leave London to live by the sea and push up the property prices and annoy the locals. They usually prefer Brighton as its much easier for them to fit in there. yuppies dont last long in Hastings especially if they move to the old town. It is true to say that if they dont fit in then they are made to feel unwelcome in the Old Town. The old town is very old and steeped in tradition and there are a lot of fishing families that have lived there for generations. Its like living in a foriegn country asd in the locals like you if you make an effort to fit in with things and actually talk to the locals then they like you.Being a snotty yuppie will make you unwelcome. you have to understand the place to live there.

theres always talk in Brighton about which celeb lives in brighton although there are interesting people like Steven Berkoff and lots of others that are ok but theres a lot of third rate celebs spotted here as well. Sussex square and Lewes crescent has the most famous names over the years.

Hastings however has a lot more names and history that is much more interesting than brighton. It is the birthplace of television, grey owl,one of the first ever enviromental campaigners, Catherine cookson, until recently one of the worlds biggest selling authors, Screaming Lord Sutch who i would always see in certain pubs in the old town, also a lot of famous artists have lived in the old town, also simon Fuller who was respopnsible for the spice girls went to my school. I knew one of the Chapman Brothers [Jake] but not that well i have to say. Sam Taylor Wood as well who did that film of David beckham sleeping i knew vaguely.

That guy who played that sax solo in Will You by Hazel o conner was in Hastings as well.

john Martyn wrote Solid air and Sundays child albums when he lived in Hastings. Over the hill on Solid Air is about walking over the west Hill to get home to his house in the old town. i know which house it is as well that he lived in. joni mitchell was a friend of John Martyn and she visited a few times and rumour has it she namechecks the Mermaid Cafe in the old town in one oif her songs.

Paula Yates and Micheal Hutchence were going to move to the old town before he killed himself. Paula yates did live in the old town for a year and she said living there with her kids was the happiest year of her life. But then her life ended. I often used to walk past her house after she died and think how sad all that was especially seeing the house sitting empty.

I used to know a girl years ago in Hastings called Jenny Connelly. Easily the one of the best looking girls in Hastings. I asked her out once but i was turned down. I think she knew me too well. never mind. I thought this was interesting because there is an actress called Jennifer connelly as well and she is as good looking as the Hastings Jennifer Connelly.

Some kid who lived down the road i was a bit envious of for a while. his father had a white Lotus Esprit just like the James Bond Car. this car had a tv built into the back of the car. It just looked space age. Imagine showing off that to your schoolfriend ! This was in about 1981.

No one could touch that. Not even a white Lancia Monte Carlo that we had. A much cheaper car.

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