Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tony Blair and Cherie Blair

I heard this rather unpleasent anecdote about Cherie Blair or Tony Blairs Vile,Horrible wife as my mum calls her.When she was a resident of 10 downing street she took a dislike to the resident Cat.She didnt want the Cat around and asked if it was possible for the Cat to be put down.Its obvious what my reply to that request would be but i wont say here.

Secondly has anyone else noticed a similarity between Tony Blair and one of those talking ventriloquists things that sits upon the knee of a comedian ? I am talking facially perhaps also politically if you know what i mean.Unless it has already been done that would have made a great cartoon.

Also as they are now residents of Connaught Square there are police , security ,cameras , etc permanently in the square.They annoy other residents constantly by their presence and stopping them all the time asking what they are doing there.The Blairs seem to have this effect on people wherever they go.I wonder why ? Tony Blair seems to have the same effect on every woman i know as they all say that he gives them all the creeps.Personally i only have to see that stupid irritating face for a second and i see red.I have said before that someone i know was offered the same house or the house next door by the elderly owner about 20 years ago.It was available on a twenty years to expire lease that was renewable and it was stuffed with antiques.the owner was asking peanuts for this but my friend turned it down because of overseas commitments.He has been kicking himself ever since for turning it down.

I wonder if security have the sewers covered ? that could be one way ...........I had better shut up......

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