Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Problem american ebayer

3 and a half months later and still no strike removed from my account.Curiously he hasnt left me any negative feedback.thats because he desperantly doesnt want any. he has backed himself into a corner but he is as stubborn as a mule and cant admit defeat so he refuses to do anything.Silly Arse.He keeps going on about harrasment.Pathetic and predictable.One email sent in 3 and a half months ? harrassment ? Fuck off.

Feedback rating 99.1% and falling all the time a bit like the dollar exchange rate.

Heres a sample of some of his negative feedback : "Not the first to deal with this crazy junk dealing psycho RUN AWAY !!!

He says the strike will remain there forever and a day.It will be if this carries on.I will have to see what i can *rustle* up for the *cowboy* to *spur* him on a bit to see if i can *round* up that unpaid item strike .

Very rude seller. Has other neg FB . Lewd language. Beware.

Was very disrespectful when contacted.

Hopefully we can work this out ????

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