Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Why cant some people read ?

Honestly you explain something and make it crystal clear but others can still get it wrong and miss the point !

Why is this then ?

It all depends who is doing the reading really and it really helps if the individual who gets it wrong is more often than not someone i am not liked by so they have a slant already and it influences the way they read and interpret the comment.They look for convenient little points of entry to reply to the comment which suits their agenda just to have a little dig at ones self.Sort of loaded really and if you meet someone who has a loaded agenda then they are incapable of having an objective opinion of the individual they are having a go at.

Sort of like forming an opinion about someone they dont know or dont like and reading what they like into someone elses character even if its not there.Its all an assumption.You become what they want you to be .

Hypothesis :[Just to spoonfeed it for them !]

For example : Peterwolf is a convicted rapist .[bit of an extreme example but its suits the point i am making [If the morons can read properly]but no more extreme than the allegation of Racism.

PeterWolf was convicted of rape but later aquitted and exonerated of all charges because the case was thrown out of court for whatever reason but i dont have time to explain all the whys and wherefores of how this could happen but we work under the assumption that the defendant is innocent of all charges now and before and we will stick to the actual event.

Now others who are friends of the prosecution who were present at the time of the alleged event [but not at the time that the incident allegedly took place] say they saw peterwolf talking and looking at the woman in question and later on they saw Peterwolf insisting that she take him up on the offer of a drink.They also saw Peterwolf touching her leg while sitting at the bar with the prosecution.The prosecution said yes to the drink and made small talk.

Shortly after that the prosecution made her excuses to leave for a few minutes to use the bathroom.

No problem.peterwolf thought i might do the same.Now is a good a time as any.WE also work under the assumption that the bar had gender assigned washrooms not mixed.

Peterwolf left the washroom after a duration of 4.00 minutes and returned to the bar.

The prosecution was not present at the bar at this point .

Peterwolf still sitting at the bar 5 minutes later wondering where the hell she is .

Then she appears back at the bar and looking disturbed and ruffled.She started to tell everyone in the room that the defendant had just raped her.The defendant was shocked to say the least and denied it.

The other witnesses and friends of the prosecution all the while asserted that their friend would have no reason to make a story like that up.

The defendant was arrested and gave a statement that was correct.

The prosecution also gave a statement to the opposite.Her friends gave statements about the lead up to the incident.

Anyway blah de blah de blah long story short NO rape took place.

The prosecution tried there hardest to make the lead up to it look to all intents and purposes as if 2 + 2 = 5 when in fact 2 + 2 =4 and used it as ammunition to try to stitch someone else up .All based on an assumption and that suited their agenda and their slant against the defendant.

Why the need to do this ?

Why the need to falsify an alleged rape that never happened ?

Why ?

It turns out the prosecution already knew or at the very least was due a certain amount of familiarity from the defendant because they had chatted before once or twice in the same place.

The defendant had previously said something to the prosecution that in hindsight was NOT such a good idea.

The prosecution played on and exploited this fact that the defendant never denied.

The defendant was subjected to having to provide evidence that NO rape took place as did the prosecution as it was decided that other witnesses saw the defendant enter and leave the washroom was not good enough as they could have been paid off or were friends of the defendant.

Only one way to settle this .

Use the evidence [DNA] that the prosecution was forced to provide to be able to file a charge of rape.

The evidence said negative.

The prosecution and her friends etc still allege or at the very least say that the defendant was still guilty to others.Same thing.

The case continues.

The defendant cannot escape the stigma of Rapist .

NO matter what.

It seems like whatever you say is never good enough for some individuals who for personal reasons have a slant against the defendant.The refuse to listen and want it their own sweet way so they latch onto the charges that were dropped because they cannot get over themselves and either forgive and forget OR study the evidence OBJECTIVLY.

Important word that is objective.

Objectivity does not suit the individual with the biased and bigoted agenda while at the same time and heres the funny bit they accuse the defendant of being bigoted !

Tell you what though i never bear grudges and i can forgive others especially if they are not guilty or even understanding their position if they were or are.

Quite honestly some people are pathetic .

No sense of irony or hypocrisy.

I think people who are hateful ,spiteful and bear grudges etc are fucked up and i would hate to be in their inadequate fucked up shoes for whatever personal reason that is.

Simple psychology.

Textbook predictable psychology.

Either that or a poor grasp of English.

Theres no way i am not going to defend myself when others call me a loony or a Racist or a bigot online.

Its like being labeled a Paedophile.

If i was i would stick my hand up and say i am because i am not scared of anyone or anything.

I am honest to the Nth degree to my detriment with EVERYTHING.

"Exposed". I dont fucking hide anything.

Hypocritical sanctamonious POSs.

Its only the third time it has happened but if it continues i can and will file cease and desist order.Its very simple but before you know it i am claiming damages for defamation of character.Lots of damages for damages to my reputation but anyone who knows me doesnt believe bullshit like that but what about others who dont ?

Libel plain and simple unless its proved unequivocally that i am insane and a racist.

What might they be thinking ?

Dont take me for a loony either as i am known to a lot of people and i can of course provide plenty of unbiased character statements as well.Professional people who like me dont lie.

Personally i think its a lot more sensible to let sleeping dogs lie.

If they stop then i stop but if they dont then i wont.


Its not my call to make.

I am as clean as a whistle myself.My conscience is clean.

If i wasnt clean i would not be posting this post .

I still have the Urban dictionary thing to sort out as well.

My bite is much worse than my bark .

I also have the decency not to name names.

Axe to grind anyone ??

Bring them all here .

Also i am used to a higher standard of intellect than this [the accusers].This is boring.I can do this in my sleep.

No challenge.

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