Monday, 27 October 2008

Nature killers /general rant about life here :

People make me sick.

People like killing nature.

I live in a house that has no garden of its own ,only a courtyard with parking spaces in it that has a bricked surface that are laid in a herringbone pattern.I share the space with 2 other houses that are both rented out like more or less every fucking house or flat that is rented out.I am sick and tired of everything being rented out here.Its like renterd acommodation city.

"flat to rent - House to rent - Flat to rent - house to rent ...."

Aw fuck off the lot of you.Try getting a job and earning money instead of living off the backs of others.


Anyway to get back to the point of this post:

Little bits of nature had managed to establish itself in various places in the yard.About half a dozen different species to be exact.

Over the course of the weekend i have had both sets of houseowners next door doing their tidying up which means that they have stripped out all the plant life that was growing including the daisies that were growing in a clump outside next doors house which i thought looked beautiful and i always looked at them when i was outside.


Its like i have had my space invaded by others who dont live here .


I caught one set on saturday who were weeding and i had a chat and asked them to leave the daisies alone because i like them.

She said "Why they look horrible ...etc etc ".

She left them but stripped away everything else but i went to work today and came back home and the other set of homeowners have stripped out the daisies so now there is NOTHING.Just a sterile empty yard which i dont even like anyway.

I understand that Mr + Mrs Suburbia who live elsewhere want to rent out the house again and must have been concerned that the Daisies might be offensive to the new tenants who will move in at some point.

Fuckers but its alright for them as they most probably have gardens of their own and it doesnt take much to work out what their gardens are like.They probably have lawns that have lines on them .

Cat liked one corner and would always sit amongst the leaves and tall plants.It was his little bit of nature.Now its empty.

Most humans have NO understanding of nature whatsoever and see nature as an adversary rather than something to enjoy.They are always fucking about with it like clipping bits off trees or cutting them down and polluting the soil with weedkiller or panicking about the length of the blades of grass on their lawn.

Clueless fucking idiots who only deserve to live in a concrete enviroment with no trees.You cant even plant saplings in town because some fuckwitted little **** comes along and snaps them in two.

None of them give a fuck about nature .All they care about is stuffing their faces and watching TV and shopping.

Honestly if they all got wiped out with some plague or virus i would celebrate and have a party.A bit like I am legend.I fantasise about being in that kind of situation and oddly enough i was listening to a Ricky Gervaise interview on Steve Wright and he was saying exactly the same thing.

Peace at last !!!!

Humans just destroy their own enviroment.

Perverse and i never will understand it.

The human species sickens me on the whole.

Across the road is a church garden that is a mess because it isnt looked after at all .The flower beds are just soil mostly.You are not supposed to see soil in flower beds.They should be fully stocked up with plants.Stupid fuckers.People sit in it but just drop their litter and tread their fag ends into the lawn and wear the grass away and stuff litter in the hedge [out of sight - out of mind].There are 5 Horse Chestnut trees on one side.Someone was saying that they are diseased.Jesus H Christ they are not fucking diseased.Its wind burn from the sea because the wind blows up the road opposite like a wind tunnel off the sea and it kills off the leaves if you get gales or stormy weather in the spring.

Why not just cut the fuckers down anyway and have done with it ??

Every bit of green space is under seige around here.What little there is.

I am off in the spring to pastures new and i am going back to live next to nature and woods again like before as i am deeply unhappy living in this enviroment.I need to get back to nature again badly.I loose track of the seasons and miss hearing the dawn and dusk chorus and the crows and ther wood pigeons and the owls and the foxes at night.

Fuck people and their litter and noise and pollution.

There is a garden at the back of the house here that is just used as a dumping ground that is attached to a house of multiple occupancy that is full of transients and it looks like a fucking slum.They are always tidying up the garden.The landlord sends round some dipshit who mows the lawn every so often and cuts down all the weeds at the edges.None of the tenants use the green space or even give a shit about it.

As long as the lawn is kept short then everything else can go to hell.

How about a coat of paint on the front of the house [the HMO] as the paint is all peeling and looks like shit ??

No chance.Too much expense for the slum landlord from Shithole south east london.

How about cleaning the windows once in a while ??

How about curtains in the windows or blinds instead of bits of fucking filthy rags or sheets ?

I knew this street would go downhill when they took over that property.

They made a piss poor effort of painting the ground floor but they leave the rest as they seem to think that no one looks up and sees the state its in.

I had to fight a planning application with others to stop them extending the building and filling it up with an extra 24 bits of transient trash.

I am sick of transient people .

I am quite into the idea of ley lines and earth energies and Brighton is polluted by negative earth energies and i can feel it all around like bad vibes.Brighton is particularly bad for this and i find Hastings has a much cleaner , clearer vibe to it.

In the spring i am off never to return for the sake of my sanity.

I need some headspace.

Theres no real darkness either at night.Too much light pollution etc.I prefer pitch black as that is what i am used to until i moved here.

The road i used to live in in Hastings was private and not owned or ruled by the local council and their fucking parking restrictions.I can park where the fuck i want there and do what i want.

Good riddance to the guy who lives in the mews behind here who continually sticks up notices outside here on the bit of land owned by us that has got nothing to do with him whatsoever and who tells my friends that they cant park on it when i say they can.Its none of his fucking business.Its my fucking business OK NOT yours.

Plus he places traffic cones or bits plastic rubbish and stolen roadworks signs as obstacles to stop parking on it when he parks on it himself when he has NO right to.Its at my disgression that i allow him to.I ask him nicely NOT to place ANY more traffic cones etc on it anymore.

SO whats this then ??

Another 2 or 3 traffic cones have appeared after i specifically said NO more.

Here then you have them back .I dont want them.

He is charm personified to my face but as soon as my back is turned he is scurrying around replacing the cones or sticking notices up saying "Cars will be clamped etc etc".Sticking notices on my friends cars when they are in here.

He seems to have a very poor understanding of English apparently because he doesnt seem to understand mine mostly because i am too reasonable and polite.

Which bit of what i have just said dont you fucking understand ?

I need to assert myself a bit more and scare the shit out of him to make him sit up and take notice.People always take advantage of my pleasant and easy going nature until i show them the not so easy going side of me but no one can say i dont try.I dont shout or even raise my voice.I dont need to.

I wish i didnt have to resort to that but people give me no choice and they have to learn the hard way over and over again not to take the piss and learn they do as they never do it again after that happens.Never.

Unbelievable and sooner or later i am going to clamp his fucking neck with both my hands and lift him up off the ground with it.I probably wont do this but its a nice thought anyway.

Elsewhere along the road i am working on a flat with a friend and i park my bike to the railings outside and lock it up.The guy from next door asked if i would stop doing this because he doesnt want others chaining bikes to his railings.Fair enough i say.No problem i say.Reasonable is my middle name.So what does this idiot do ?

In the basement next door lives a girl called Susie who has a young child or 2.Her bike with a childs seat on it was locked to the railings outside her flat temporarily today.

So what does the nice charming guy who asked me not to park my bike on the railings do to her bike when her back is turned ??

He pours superglue into the lock on her bike !!!

Unbelievable !!!

He doesnt wants bikes there but he sabotages her lock so she cant move the fucking thing at all !!!

What kind of fucked up twisted logic is that ???

I know he did this and he could just as easily have chatted to Susie instead about it ?

Always fucking cowards these people as well.

WTF is wrong with these people ??

If that was my bike that he sabotaged then would have sorted him out as well and he would have to pay compensation.


I have to cut through her lock with a disc cutter now.

I am never going to talk to that guy again after that disgraceful act.

Bloody people.

Moving is the path of least resistance but the best thing.

Life is too short to spend somewhere you dont like.

Fucking load of trash with their antisocial behaviour.

I never used to have problems with neighbours before living in Brighton and all my old neighbours in Hastings want me to move back there.

I need some sanity in my life.

And just WHO is it that continually vandalises bikes in the street by jumping up and down on their wheels and bending them out of shape etc ??

I never seem to see them do it.

AND i have had a dozen mountain bikes nicked since i have lived here.

A dozen !! plus various other examples of theft.

I have often thought of setting traps for them like leaving a bike unlocked and then watching and waiting .....

I caught a pisshead/drughead who tried to nick my bike and the POS has a go at me and wouldnt let it go !!

"This is BRIY-UN " or some kind of shit like that plus loads of abuse.

I dont give a fuck where THIS IS so give me that fucking bike back before i fucking take your head off.I have got a short fuse and i get can get pretty fucking pissed [angry] so give it up before i lose it with you.

City/town life is not for me.

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