Monday, 20 October 2008

Fuck Godwins Law :

Invoke this :




Fuck It.

When was it voted on ?

Is it actually a law for real ?

Did it get passed by a majority in favour of it ?

I need more information about it.

Superfluous Bullshit.

Spare it.

I personally dont care if it is a law or not as i will say Nazi as many times as i feel like or is required if a comparison is needed.

They say i cant say it and try to kill the conversation then i will just do it even more.

"YES ALRIGHT !! I KNOW !! The comparison was a necessary one so sit down and calm down .Its only a little thing and i dont need policing .Thank you."

I dont need a little petty cultural Meme that has caught on amongst the internet community controlling how i verbally articulate myself. Thank you very much.

Annoying smug little cleverdicks.

Get out of my face and OFF my screen.


Understood ??

I fucking hope so as i dont like repeating myself.

Next time you feel the urge to shout "Godwins Law " then get some self control and resist.If i can do that then frankly anyone can.

OR : Learn to invoke Godwins Law when it is appropriate NOT when the word is used within context or is the subject of the topic even.

Learn to discriminate when using Godwins Law.

Forever having to explain things to idiots who are too lazy to work it out for themselves or are too stupid.

Managing myself IS a full time job and it isnt easy.There is NO let up and sometimes i fail but at least i make the effort.

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