Monday, 20 October 2008

Stupid hollywood Liberal :

I quite like Sean Penn but not sure about his politics.

Anyway he is off to see the wizard - the wonderful wizard of Oz.

well actually he has been following the yellow brick road all the way to Venezuela to meet Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Chavez does a lot for the poor in Venezuela.

Good but the idiot doesnt understand economics or logic.

Venezuela sits on top of huge amounts of oil.As much or as more as Saudi Arabia.

The only paying country that pays Chavez market prices for oil is the US.

The rest of the oil is sold to other nations in South America who pay 30% up front and the rest in instalments over 25 years.This means other countries build a bigger and bigger debt to Venezuela each time a barrel of oil is sold.

Put simply Chavez has spent vast amounts of cash on social programmes instead of spending it on an oil refining infrastructure as the oil is crude and has to be refined to get full market value for it.

Plus the price of oil has now dropped so chavez is even more out of pocket.

Why not spend on oil refining first instead of the poor then they would be better off and would have even more money for social programmes as long as there is oil.

Simple logic.

I wonder how much actual wealth Chavez is going to spread amongst the poor as in actually giving them cash as well as government food stamps , washing machines and furniture.

Are all of the washing machines identical ?

Is all of the furniture identical and utilitarian ?

If i was living there i would want my furniture made to order and gilded in gold leaf like in Saudi Arabia.

Apologies i forgot its a socialist country .The state owns everything and you get what you are given and you get what they decide.

" Each according to their abilities [get treated the same as everyone else regardless of what their abilities are]] and each according to their need [What the state decides i need] "

Well i have a lot of abilities and i have a lot of need and no one understands or knows my needs better than i do.

I wonder if Sean Penn is going to advise on economics or logic ?

I doubt it as he is a Liberal and Liberals never understand economics.

I cant stand famous actors and musicians etc who get involved in politics.

WTF do they know about reality ???

Especially Hollywood.

Really WTF do they know about reality ?

They should carry on snorting coke and supporting the ObaMessiah.

Socialism = Failure.

Shallow FuckTards.

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