Monday, 6 October 2008

Useful Idiot :

I wasnt even talking about protesting ?? anyway.I was talking about Martial Law.

Correct about the WW1 incident but i wasnt aware of live rounds being used on civilians in the 60s.

Those were isolated incidents but the military hasnt got a hope in hell of containing anything en masse.Not a chance.Theres a few more if you factor in Blackwater Security but they are already marked as they are mercenaries.Fair game.Open season on Blackwater but you would like to think that the US military would refuse an order like that.I know i would.

Better off changing sides.

Never a shortage of Useful Idiots around.

"Cerpas" - [Germany] is the useful idiot]

They cant do it.They cant pull out of Iraq and they cant pull out of Afghanistan and there are X amount of other locations that it might not be very clever to pull out of either plus if the Us government does declare martial law and the country is in chaos then they are vulnerable to attack from terrorists etc etc and the collateral damage that will result will destroy their country financially anyway as their economy will sink like a stone.

All forces will be concentrated on cities and urban areas so its not a good idea to even be in an urban area when and if it kicks off.Best stay out of the way .

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