Friday, 31 October 2008

Ross and Brand and the Daily Mail :

Hasnt the Daily |Mail got anything better to write about ?

Not really no so its a stupid question really.

They do love to indulge themselves in this kind of thing dont they ?

They love it.

Small things please small minds etc.

The Daily Mail is like a cross between a tabloid and celebrity gossip magazine

Today they have paid someone to root throuigh a whole load of tv to look for faults in it like someone said this - someone said that - someone said something else.

Controversy over nothing.

A sick and senseless joke made about the queen or something or other.

This is a pointless topic really but with all the shit going down all people worry about is stuff like this ?


Its because they are paying for it and they enjoy working themselves up over nothing plus there is also an element of certain people liking to kick others when they are down.

The Daily mail are complete and utter hypocrites themselves and they should be reined in as well.

Andrew Sachs does seem to have the right attitude to it all which is that he doesnt appear to have any ill will towards Ross and Brand.

Shit happens - someone is guilty and apologises .

Thats all that needs to happen.

Why didnt Ross and Brand apologise immediatly after making the call ?

Because for some reason they werent aware of any consequence and got carried away with themselves and thought nothing of it like but they must have been feeling terrible about it later.

OH FUCK !!!!

I know how they feel.



"OOOhhh and his poor mother she must be feeling ashamed an i would wash his mouth out with soap .....its appallin it is disgusting an i never liked that Russell Brand not from the minute i saw im...oooh it makes me so angry ..."

"Its a disgrace to the BBC and i resent having to pay for this with my licence fee and i am so outraged that i am going to write a letter directly to the director general of the BBC and give him a ruddy piece of my mind.Its a ruddy disgrace".

"I feel that it is a symptom of the moral and social decline of this country and what with the amount of money they are paid they should be punished in the harshest possible way.A disgrace.He should be banished to the Outer Hebrides."

"Good riddance to bad rubbish ! we dont want you here ,Let America have him and its a pity Jonathon Dross isnt going as well"

"I hope he learns from this and grows up bit and gets a haircut."


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