Thursday, 30 October 2008

US elections:

I am losing interest in it now as its bullshit on both sides.Neither party are the answer and it is just a slanging match between 2 sides neither much better or worse than each other having said that the Libs have sunk to an all time low.I dont get on with their collective mentality.

Another 4 years of Neocons ?

Awful but still preferable to Libs.

Not because i am this or that but because i dont believe in George Soros and i dont believe in Rothschilds and i dont believe in Brzezinski [Trilateralists etc] which is who the vote is for really.

I wouldnt vote for a candidate who bases his whole philosophy and outlook and agenda on Saul Alinskys Rules For Radicals [a book] and i wouldnt vote for a candidate who is pro PNAC and is a Neocon [McCain] and even if he isnt a Neocon then he is still working for them which is the same thing.

Hardly any of them can think outside of the 2 party system and see that there is an alternative.

Racism etc on boths sides but the winners for Racism are the LIbs.

Its demoralising following it and depressing.

Its a sham.

So really whatever happens happens .

One week and counting .......

I dont have a favourite to win either as its impossible to draw a conclusion either way as there are too many different factors to take into consideration.

Voting fraud ?

Voting machines/Diebold ?

Something happening prior to the election ?

If so time is running out and *if* it does it more than likely be contrived to happen and that is *if* they try to steal a third election.

Hundreds of thousands of fraudulant voting forms were discarded [acorn] but how many genuine voting forms may have been accidentally mixed in with them ?

I think voting machines or voting irregularities or recounts are likely again.

Also outsiders like Ralph Nader might get a few votes here and there and upset the apple cart.Outsiders like them can make or break elections if the voting machines dont lose their votes.

Who knows ?

Someone might vote for Ron Paul.

I would have done .

Its a wildcard.

America is being destroyed.

Failed economic policy and failed foreign policy.

Approx 1.5 trillion USD "disappeared " from funds within the Pentagon just prior to 9/11 and it has never been traced.Donald Rumsfeld cant remember if its under the floorboards or down the back of the sofa or deposited in an overseas bank account.If only he could remember.......

Its bad enough here but they are a lot lot worse off politically than the UK and really do feel sorry for them .

Nothing i can do except sit back and watch the result but there wont be a happy ending and they are all in deep shit either way and its a sad indictment on Americans in general for collectively letting things get as bad as they have.

They have advantages as well like the constitution and the second ammendment.

I dont disagree with gun ownership in principle as its a last resort against tyranny.

Obama was talking about a civilian security force [a militia] as equally well armed and funded as the military yet at the same time wanting to remove or restrict gun ownership.

I think this was hypothetical as it is against he US constitution but not if you were able to rewrite or reform the constitution as i have heard may be the case.

So hypothetically i would rather have guns and not need to use them than not have them and need them if there is an internal brownshirt security force.

Why not recruit more police instead who are non political and autonomous ?

Is this like saying police are ineffective ?

Is it somehow better to have a militia that are controlled by government directly ?

Thats has very negative associations as far as i am concerned and isnt what you expect to find in a free country.

They have the right to legally remove any elected government at any time if they want to.

IT may also just be a straightforward win for whoever but i doubt it really.

Divide and rule.

Works every time.

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