Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Aboma - nation !:liberal voting scam :

THis is an Aboma - nation !

CHANGE ! CHANGE ! CHANGE ! THE Opium of the Sheeple.

The Libs decide to have a go at voter fraud and make an almighty fuck up of it like they do everything they get involved in.

The lesson is not to let low intelligence losers fill in voting registration forms in multiples or at least if they do then dont fill the forms in and sign the same name 6 times each with the same signature !!

Doesnt work and it looks suspicious but try telling them that but its too late now anyway because every voting form has to be scrutinised now to make sure that Britney Spears or Mickey Mouse or Bart Simpson or Big Mac and fries or KFC chicken dippers or Marvin Haggler or Monica Ray has not submitted 10 different voting registration forms !!

But of course Acorn deny all knowledge of this practice the same way they deny everything else they have been involved in in past incidents of voting fraud.They dont recognise it AS voting fraud either which is just stupid considering monica Ray as an example has 3 different birthdays and 5 different addresses and all the rest but the signature on each of the voting forms was virtually identical despite Monica Rays best efforts at making each signature different to the next.

So who is monica Ray ?

Are they long seperated triplets or whatever you call them when there more than 5 of them running around filling in voting forms ?

Seperated at birth ?

Are multiple Monica Rays being bred and cloned or factory farmed just to vote Democrat in the 2008 elections ?

They ought to be reunited together just to confirm and clear the matter up once and for all.

Monica this is Monica "Hi I am Monica !! wait a minute you are Monica ? I thought i was Monica but she says she is Monica...."

Acorn again deny responsibility and blame everything else or the first thing that springs to mind.

To qualify to vote Democrat in the upcoming election through Acorns [Activists of Communist Organisations for Radical Neo - Liberals ] Project vote 6 times you have to be :


B:Of no fixed address or even state within the US

C:Non - existent

D:A member of the Dallas cowboys football team


F:A failure

G:Be able to independantly invent at least 6 different false names to enter onto voter registration voting forms.

H:Be willing to participate in mass voting fraud and be willing to accept incentives like crack cocaine or free meals for example.

I:Be a dumb LibTard Fuckwit.

J:Too young to vote.

K:A convicted criminal in a state penitentiary.

L:An illegal alien

Oh and by the way Acorn was a major player in the sub prime mortgage fiasco.They aggressivly campaigned for those on low incomes to be able to buy their own homes and exposed those on low incomes to predatory lending by Fannie and Freddie by encouraging them to take out loans with high interest rates they could never repay.

"An acorn never ..Uuuuhhh....falls very ..far from the tree "

LMMFAO at Libs every day !

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