Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lazy builders :

Here we go:

Heres a tin of wood primer.

Heres a paintbrush.

This is a piece of timber that is pine or fast grown softwood as is the case these days as decent quality wood cannot be bought off the shelf.It has to be ordered or you find reclaimed timber.But lets not confuse the matter by counting the annular rings in the wood or anything like that.

This piece of wood has endgrain which is the bit where you count the rings not across the grain.this piece of wood if exposed to moisture inside or out will suck up water like a straw and it will rot away if it happens over and over if its outside in particular.

So take the brush and dip it into the tin with the primer in it after you have thinned it down and stirred it of course as you want the primer to soak into the wood NOT sit on top of it.

You will also make sure you prime all 4 sides of it AND most importantly the endgrain on either end.This is critical because wood will absorb moisture through each end instead of across the grain much more easily.

Easy isnt it ?

Why not DO IT then ?

Its like these lazy idiots are part of some work creation scheme where i follow them and correct their sloppy work .

I have to do this over and over and over again.Ripping bits of wood out again and again or windows or door frames or whatever.You name it i have condemned it and redone it again and again.

Building surveyors are just as bad who write out specs for repairs etc.NO idea some of them.When this happens to me with surveyors i have to correct them quite often as they give out a lot of wrong information.I am not professionaly qualified to do it on paper but my word has some weight behind it so it overrides their opinion of how to do a repair in the correct fashion.

Building seems to be the only profession that you dont need to know what you are doing to work in it.The whole industry needs to be much more tightly regulated as all that Guild of master craftsmen bullshit doesnt mean anything.Anyone can stick stickers on their van.

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