Thursday, 30 October 2008

Comment deleted :

Comment deleted. [poo-sender]

A case of OMG.

Apologies for getting carried away with myself and pointing my finger at someone on the board which inadvertantly meant everyone.

I feel bad.

Kind of ironic because i have made a point out of the same thing elsewhere and how its wrong yet did exactly the same thing which has added to what i was saying .Its almost like i made an example of myself to make a point.

No problems understanding irony or oxymorons etc here.

I never noticed it until it was pointed out and had forgotten about it until now.

Not making excuses as i typed it but that should never have been said.

Its just not the sort of thing you expect to happen.

Apart from that bit of the post the rest of it sums up how i feel about it.

Any sane individual would just have a rant about it or type one out like i do .That shouldnt have been difficult for a scriptwriter BUT the mention of "better scripts than that etc " might have been metaphorical as well ?

I hope whoever did send it feels some kind of guilt .

I hope they apologise.

Both unlikely.

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