Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Share values drop :

Stocks fall in value as retail sales drop say news reports.

What do they all expect to happen ??

Shares in retail have rocketed in value today ??


Lets report the plain obvious as News.

Of course they have gone down in value because the endless supply of easy buy now pay later cash has been restricted as well as the stupid people who are controlled by the media and do exactly what they are told by it.

If the media wasnt scaring them about spending then they would be spending and spending just like before whereas any idiot knew this was going to happen 2 or 3 years ago like i did like a load of idiots or children in a supermarket sweep or idiots who dont even consider that they have to pay it all back like someone very close to me who spent it all [an undisclosed sum but 5 figures] on Bling or who couldnt even say what she spent it on but thats OK because Daddy will pay the bill.

A bit sad really in my opinion.

I was talking to someone i know about credit cards and they said that they were offered a "Platinum" credit card recently so i asked what sort of credit card was it ?

Was it an American Express Platinum card with unlimited or at the very least 250 ,000 quid spending limit or the equivelant of ?

If it isnt then it doesnt mean shit to me.Platinum credit card from whoever with a 500 quid spending limit.

Waste of time.

Stupid greedy people and immoral banking practices and lack of regulation and lack of foresight on all their part means everyone else has to suffer as a consequence even though their spending was sensible.

Stupidity is absolutley exasperating but sadly impossible to stop with people although i did see some news item the other day about some kind of device that stimulates certain parts of the brain that are not being used too enhance intelligence in the form of a headset of some kind.

Give everyone their own headset intelligence enhancing device to wear which would be like a mark of stupidity like Baseball caps and loads of other things .I can usually spot stupidity without all that.Stupid people are easy to identify once you know what to look for and quite often they look stupid and have stupid faces and the rest of their body language.

Greed and avaricous people are just as easy to identify in different ways as i equate greed with stupidity.

I dont like the idea of share ownership or any of that stuff because i loose because a load of lazy assed shareholders want easy cash and dont really give a toss about the company they have shares in and just want a fast buck so in this climate they will have to suck it and see or sell everything now but i dont want to hear any more of their whinging because they have had it good for a long time and if they cant stand the heat then they should get the fuck out of the kitchen.

Small time people who cant think for themselves and who dont have the cash should stay out of big boys games .

They havent got the intelligence to buy and sell shares.


Use some common sense and buy lots of shares in low end retail outlets like Iceland or BHS or something like that once the credit squeeze tightens.

Simple common sense that you either have or you dont .It cant be learned.

I lack any academic background.

I live on my wits instead.

Survival of the fittest.

We cant ever have a sustained period of steady and slow economic growth that ever lasts more than 10 years because of dumb ignorant people , greedy people , and idiotic government who fail to act or who FAIL to provide adequate regulation and yes i am pointing the finger at FISA [financial whatever blah de blah it hardly matters].

Idiotic government that sticks a 16,000 tax on everyone to pay for bankers lifestyles and all the rest but then someone says or complains that since the bailout banks and building societies have made their lending practices tighter and more stringent which is how they should have been anyway.

Theres no pleasing some is there ?

They want easy cheap lending forever more so they can shop till they drop.

Tough Shit.

Parties over.

BACK to reality.

They all bring it on themselves as none of them understand money.

I have read some seriously dumb shit from people about this subject and some of them say the banks should be able to regulate themselves !!@

They already are you dumb fucking idiot !!!

Or too a large extent anyway.

The fact is they are not regulated nearly enough as they themselves have to be protected from their own stupidity aand greed as well you know.

Greed encourages more greed which in turn encourages stupid decisions that are made on a short term philosophy instead of trying to predict long term because if they could all predict long term then they wouldnt collectivly encourage easy lending which encourages greed which encourages stupidity like lending someone 8 times their income without security to buy overpriced shoddy substandard housing that i wouldnt give them half its market value for on a good day.The easy lending an low interest rates has activly encouraged the housing bubble.

People are complaining that now banks want 25% deposit before they lend.

Stupid bastards why would they want to buy in a market like this anyway ??

Only an idiot would do that with housing.

Sit down , STFU , stop panicking and rent somewhere instead.If they all shutted the fuck up and did that then the house prices will drop in about 1 to 2 years max.

I am waiting for this to happen myself.

Winners and losers in recessions.More winners than losers if they are smart.

People let themselves be led by the nose like idiots and never think outside of the box.

I am all for imposing a fixed ceiling on the price of all lower tier housing in the UK to make it affordable to everyone .This would stop a lot of the stupidity from happening within the housing market that has been going on .

Idiots borrowing on figures that are 5 to 8 times their combined income .

Lunacy like walking on a tightrope.

What good do high housing prices do anyone ??

At least ordinary housing.

All property is only really worth half of what it is valued at these days if that.

Any property valued over say 300,000 ... i dont know WTF do i know i am not an economist but easy cheap credit is a bad idea.If you cant afford it then go without .Tough shit.

The best thing to do is to protect them from their own stupidity which sadly never ever happens until its happened and has spiraled out of control.This is one of the Human species biggest problems and even after that they will soon forget about it and sure enough the very same thing will happen over and over and over.

They never learn and i never will understand them.

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