Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Class Act !!! :

What an absolute fucking idiot this forum user is.

An annoying amusing Troll probably aged 15 - 16 who probably uses his mum and dads computer when they are out.

And those bloody pale fake Tits in my face every time.

They get on my tits thats for sure.

Tits like that dont do it for me .Lara croft never did.

It looks like sexism to me but its always funny when this FuckTard reacts to anything he doesnt like and insists his viewpoint is correct no matter what anyone else thinks.

He insults me by private Email so i offered the opportunity to aggressivly insult him to fuck like he has never been insulted before online so everyone can see it but he has sadly declined by not replying to the invite.

No surprise there.

Tiresome cowards .

Complaining about being in business in the US !!

Get the fuck out of business then !!

This FuckTard is a NobamPhile who wants to give away all his income !!!

Tax deductables !!

|You have already paid taxes on it.

Corporate business in the US collectivly earns or turns over 1.2 trillion USD every year yet dont pay any taxes.

Wouldnt this retard be better off directing his energies at them instead instead of plumbers ?

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