Thursday, 16 October 2008

Silent Fuckwitness :

Sad is the day that Licence fees get wasted on shite like this.I dont watch this sort of thing as it was on after something i was watching earlier on.

Why oh why oh why to use a tired cliche is it necessary to make a drama about crime and murder as fucking usual that spoonfeeds you what is happening onscreen when it is perfectly obvious ??

This constant condescending voiceover that tells you that whoever is walking along a pavement for example.

Subtitles for the hearing and intellectually challenged.

Why the obsession with murder and crime in drama ??

I cant see the fascination with it myself as it leaves me cold.

Pathetic but i cant be bothered to comment on it anymore as i have no interest in TV

Its time i cant get back.

Interesting stuff sometimes on BBC 2 and 4 and that abaa i really innit.

But generally i cant stand it as it like watching gibbering chimps and i forget who it was who said "Look for the absurdity in the everyday or anything and you will find it " but its definately true.

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