Friday, 10 October 2008

NO US Elections/Martial Law ???

G.W.Bush clearly said in todays bullshit speech on the economy that "the Federal government is doing all it can to solve this crisis" or words to that effect but what matters is he said "federal government"

That was an open declaration of martial law.

Anyone who disputes this fact might as well go and argue with an empty room because they cant argue with facts.

Martial law was originally imposed just to push the bailout through last week and that was all.The bailout was pushed through with unknown [known] consequences.

I am not entirely clear at what point martial law changed from being a threat to a reality.

Simple Fact : Martial law was declared /imposed roughly a week ago in the US due to the economic crisis .

FACT : Martial law means that the Federal government in the US [FEMA] has taken over the role of government in the US .

FACT : If Martial Law has been declared then it means "Democracy" has been indefinatly suspended.

FACT: The Federal government does NOT have to abide by the normal democratic processes.

FACT : The only legalities that FEMA has to adhere to are their own protocols which take precedence over the rule of law/common law as it was before Martial Law was declared.

This is all simple undeniable FACT.



However this does depend on how extensivly or how aggressivly enforced the state of Martial Law is.

At the moment it is more of a legal tecnicality rather than something that is being rigourously enforced.

To all intents and purposes life hasnt changed and the sun will come up in the morning.

SO what is going on ??

WHAT is this grey area regarding martial Law ??

THe US seems to be hovering halfway to being a democracy or a pseudo democracy and being under military /federal law ??

FEMA consists of pages and pages and pages and pages of directives NOT laws that you would know or recognise.It is very similar to the EU in this respect.Directives are not voted on.Directives are imposed.

IF Fema is aggressivly imposed then there will be a suspension of ALL internet access into and out of the US

Read all the FEMA directives for yourself online.

What is undeniable in a legal sense is that a state of martial law has been declared in the US for the best part of a week so far.

Martial Law means a suspension of normal democratic processes by their own definition of it.

I believe this FACT means or almost certainly will mean the US elections are meaningless unless the result of the election is carried forward to a later date that is unknown because martial law can continue indefinatly.Important word indefinatly.There is no legal process to force martial law to be deposed.

Deposed is an important word as well.

SOMETHING is happening .

Back for further extrapolation on this later.

I smell a rat and i am always right.

WHY hasnt anyone else hardly noticed this ???

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