Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hegelian Dialectic in action :

Hegelian Dialectic = Problem - Reaction - Solution.

World leaders of the G8 , The council of foreign relations , The Trilateral Commission , the EU , you know the types and the organisations etc etc meet up to have a meeting to decide future worldwide economic policy in reaction to economic global meltdown.

They offer the solution to the problem that they collectively created.

"Its a global problem and its needs a global solution "

No prizes for guessing what their agenda is.

Far reaching reform of the world economic policy.

Cause economic meltdown and seize all of the assets by "bailing them out" as they are fond of decribing it as.

Make us pay for it all except we get nothing in return for it even though we own X % of the banks and securities companies.

"Its a good deal for the taxpayer" except the tax payer wont get a penny back from it.

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