Friday, 17 October 2008

Chicken vindaloo / Rubbish friday night :

"You didnt want to do that now did you ??!!:

More like i did at the time but not any more and now i feel ill.

Its the third time i have ever eaten a vindaloo ever although i havent eaten this one so i guess it doesnt count.

If i get a madras its never hot enough at all and so try a vindaloo and its just insanely ridiculously hot and uneatable.

You cant win sometimes.

I dont mind the heat as it forces me to eat slowly for once instead of wolfing it down but it was impossible to eat even slowly.My mum always used to cook very very hot curries and it was always "Water ! .... water !..]but this sauce had no taste to it at all like a bit of sweetness to balance it out and it was like add 4 to 10 tablespoons of vindaloo curry powder and thats it.

Yeuccchhh and the onion Bhajis were carbonised and overfried.There doesnt seem to be anyone who can cook those correctly anymore.I give up.I remember in the 80s they were the size of a cricket ball and tender on the inside.These were about 3 inches across and flat with no depth .

I dont want to eat bloody carbon .

I should have gone to the burger joint and got 3 halfpounders instead which would have been more satisfying

A waste of 15 quid.

I was starving previously but no i dont feel hungry at all now but i didnt achieve that in the way that i intended as it has killed my appetite.

Depressing and unsatisfying.

There was a record label in the 80s or late 80s called Vindaloo records whose logo was someone chucking up .Now i know why that was.

And whats worse is my housemate has got guests round so if i go downstairs there will be a whole load of people to say hello to that i dont know and dont give a shit about.

Not exactly true some of them are OK.

Not interested and i have seen people all day and i dont want to see anymore now.I can only stand so much human company and if i dont get a percentage of the day in solitude it just drives me spare.Its the non stop verbal that i cant stand.

Talking talking talking yap yap yap yap .worse than that some of them are singing and playing music.



Thats partly why i hardly bother with pubs anymore as i dont want to listen to peoples alcohol fuelled bullshit anymore.

Drives me raaand ver bleedin bend and gives me the right ump it does.

That one of the problems with people .They talk too much.

I am well and truly peopled out at the moment.

People - Pubs - Parties - Bored - Bored - Bored with it.

Bored with socialising but it depends who its with.

I am a lot more picky these days.

I have left the uneaten curry on the side in the kitchen so if any of the guests feel peckish later and eat some of it it will teach them a lesson they will never forget.

I should warn them to be fair.

I think i am going to end friday night early and i hate going out at weekends because of Weekenders.I hate all that shit.The town is full of morons and pissed idiots.Pissed party weekender sheeple binge drinking.

NO TIME for anyone who cant hold their drink or handle their drink.


Get out of my way you fuckwitted pissed moron.

Fuck off.


I would rather be doing something creative.

As far as i am concerned friday nights in brighton are like a bad LSD trip or at least how imagine a bad LSD trip to be like except without the LSD.

I have had LSD 8 times but havent touched it for years.

Never did me any harm at all.

Already bonkers anyway so no harm done.

I think i am going to exasepate the problem and attempt to enjoy a quiet drink all on my lonesome.

Drinking means a 2 minute walk to the local branch of Threshers.I have 3 threshers in the immediate vicinity which is a bit much as its too much of the same but i dont object because they sell what i drink and its a sight better than UNwins but i am hovering in a state of disinterest and apathy towards everything unless i put pencil to paper.

First drink in 7 days.

Why is the fridge with the cans in always fully stocked up with cans of Fosters or Carling Black Label or 1664 that is always brewed under licence in the UK ?

Who drinks shite like that ?

No discernment .

I would rather drink my own piss than drink that.


I always hated UNwins off licences.There was always something dated andseedy and dirty about that place in that sort of daytime drinking/pisshead kind of way.

They always looked like they hadnt been updated since the 1960s.

"1 bottle of your finest generic low quality vodka please Guvnor and one packet of MayFair or Superkings"

Ever noticed how cheap nasty cigarettes always have names that allude to being upmarket like Mayfair and that sort of thing ?


Does anyone smoke those long cigarettes anymore like superkings ?

I only thought tramps smoked those or the desperately hard up.

Longer filters


Everything is rubbish tonight.

Nothing caught my eye in the video shop either.

I feel sick and tired.


And what is it with my bandwidth tonight ????

Everything is so slow and youtube music videos which i only listen to keep stopping and starting which irritates the hell out of me.



and now its going to be people in and out the bathroom all night long.

Every 2 minutes one of them pisses or whatever.

Why do people piss so much ???

No self control.

Where does it all come from ??

Sometimes it sounds like they are running a tap and it goes on for minutes non stop.

I piss for 10 - 20 - 30 seconds and thats it.

Bloody people are like 2 legged Piss factories.

And right now i am half listening to someones mobile conversation outside my door.

People and their endless fucking phone calls and communicating.

Give it a bloody rest.

The species is a pain.


I want to move house in the spring .

Fucking Tosser !! Fuck OFF !! thats the 6th/7th time in 2 days where i pick up the telephone and there is no one there.

"The caller withheld their number ..."

Callers who withhold their number i dont like.

And another one goes for a piss well that bathroom is going to be occupied for about 40 minutes while i have a soak in the bath.

And that bloody womans singing voice is horrendous.

Dont give up your day job but if you dont have a dayjob then do something else anyway.

And now another one goes for a piss.Its averaging at about a 3 minute interval form one bathroom user and the next.

Whats worse than that is that i will end up cleaning up the bog after them all.

Bloody bastards.

Person 1: "You should be more community minded !"

I thought That sounds a bit too left wing liberal for my liking.

Person 1 :"I am not being serious ! "

Myself : "You had me worried there for a second ! "

GGGGRRRrr hungry again now.

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