Thursday, 23 October 2008

Whoops ! :

Bad idea.

Thats no good at all.

I dont know when to laugh when watching these 2 or even if i should laugh at all.

No good.

Dammit i asked for comedy .This isnt comedy.Its meant to amuse NOT annoy.

Get them out of my sight.

Next ....

"May i introduce to you Mr Alan Carr ?"

No you cant.Not interested.Cant stand the sight nor sound of him.Sounds like an old woman.

Next ....

"May i introduce to you Mr Harry Hill ?"

Always thought he looked a little bit like how i imagine a Nonce to look like.A wierdo school laboratory assistant.And the way his horrible tongue rolls around the outside of his mouth when he is speaking .


My patience is starting to wear a little thin and you know what that means and i havent had my dinner yet either.

Next ....

"M...M.M..May i ..i...introduce you ..ttto Mr S Sean Lock ....?

F F S !!

"David Walliams and Matt Lucas ??"


Sean Lock looks like something from the early to mid 60s like an office worker/civil servant type like you see in old b+w photos.Its his whole look but particularly the glasses and the side parting and the sort of half combover hair.

The worst of the lot are Skinner and Baddeil with Baddeil winning by a very very large margin but fortunately no one really gives a toss about David Baddeil.

None of these comedians are any good.

I am NOT amused.

None of them are as good as the comic strip presents or the young ones.

Its like everything else.If you want it doing properly you have to do it yourself.

Never mind the Buzzcocks

Never mind Never mind the Buzzsuckcocks.

I blame Channel 4 for the decline of tv comedy.

Whatever *happened* to Channel 4 ?


It reminds me of fuckwitted shallow students.

20 somethings.

They can be the most annoying age group.

I am going to put the tea on and make a nice cup of kettle.

2 sugars and 2 milks or at least enough sugar to make it difficult to taste the tea.

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