Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Pantheism :

What next after Atheism ?

After all Atheism is there to answer one fundamental question .

After you have arrived at your decision that there is [probably] no god after either buying and reading Richard Dawkins books or whatever then what next ?

|Richard Dawkins describes Pantheism as "sexed up atheism " which is a little bit dismissive and it rather trivialises what Pantheism is about but Richard Dawkins does realise that it is compatiable with Atheism as it involves atheism but it offers a lot more in some ways .The fact that richard Dawkins acknowledges the Pantheist outlook makesme like him more but its not as if he could deny it .

Pantheism fits my outlook on life a lot better than Atheism does.

Atheism is just really science and logic and is a starting point unless you dont want anything else.

Pantheism doesnt acknowledge the metaphysical/ supernatural so add a bit of that myself.

"There is probably no god so enjoy yourselves and stop worrying and appreciate the wholeness and oneness of nature and the universe and life "

I really do feel pity for people who have no connection or appreciation of nature and the universe.I have always been connected with nature and the outdoors.Man made modern culture is of virtually no interest to me at all.Nearly everything revolves around self gratification.I have had my fair share of self gratification and perhaps even more so but there is always something else.

If you want to feel alive then go and spend a few nights on your own in a forest with just a fire for company and a book or whatever .No radios , music , mobiles or anything and just sit there and listen and feel what is around.Cook on the fire.No messing about with camping stoves or other paraphenalia.Keep it simple.Dont even bother with a tent if its fair weather.Whenever i do this which hasnt been for a while all my senses that have been dulled by urbanised living come back to life or more than they already are.

And if i am lucky i wont get disturbed by dogwalkers early in the morning which is often easier said than done.

I am not a tree hugger as such but i always like to sleep under a tree.I sort of feel more at home especially if its an old tree.

The call of the wild is never very far away.

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