Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ross and Brand :

Making prank calls of that nature isnt very clever is it ?

Rather like a couple of 15 yr olds who dont know any better.

Slapped wrist time anyway.

What pisses me off is that politicians are getting in on the act and condemning it.

Gordon Brown and David Cameron in particular.

2 worthless bits of garbage who should really just STFU and stay out of it.Lecturing others about morality and condemning othersd.STFU.since they are part of something that is totally immoral they are hardly in a position to condemn others and really a prank call is nothing compared to what they are responsible for.

I wont be voting for either of these tossers in any election as they both amount to the same thing and are cut from the same cloth.

NO difference.

Just a perpetuation of the one party system.

I could fill pages with immoral acts that both are responsible for so they should fuck off condemning Ross and Brand and carry on doing what they do best like fucking up the country and bailing out bankers by giving them free money or in the case of Cameron taking bribes and cash from Rothschilds etc.

Politicians love all this kind of shit as they like to get all self righteous and get up on their morality high horse when really they dont have a leg to stand on.


They did it and they apologised .

STFU and get over it.

We dont need mealy mouthed sanctamonious politicians telling us what is right and wrong thanks.

Hypocrites and i detest hypocrites.

Weak people are ALWAYS Hypocrites.

I cant work out if i like Russel Brand.

I think i like him for various reasons.

Others dont like him which makes me like him more and he doesnt seem to give a toss what others think anyway.

Doesnt seem to take himself seriously which is obvious and he does say some interesting things as well if you listen.

Its just the hair business.He should stop that at once !It looks like it would ignite because of all the hairspray.

I dont think he is that funny but just a big personality.

Now over to Jonathan Ross.

I quite like JR.One of the best chat show hosts ever.He is very funny at times and appears to be spontaneous with it too which is good.He makes the guests feel relaxed and they have a laugh and also he lacks pretension and again is not up himself in the slightest.A *bit* of a twit sometimes.

I like the way there are 4 poofs and a piano and the fact they dont take themselves seriously and dont mind non PC jokes about themselves.

All good plus points.

What are about all the righteous frothing at the mouth Daily Mail readers etc who wanted blood ?

Well who gives a toss about them ??

I dont .

Forget about them and let them continue their gray joyless little lives.They can look after themselves but will always be there unfortunately.

Its amazing how vindictive people are.Its a very negative thing vindictiveness.

Sack them ????

Well the fact is others dont want them to be sacked as others enjoy them a lot like myself.

Sack them ??

A bit harsh isnt it ?

Havent they already been publicly crucified anyway and been suspended ??

Not enough ??

Vindictive reactionary little people.

Its a shame all these petty minded little FuckTards cant get themselves all worked up into a frenzy about something important like politics or the enviroment for example .

Pathetic but its what i expect.




This just proves how easy it is to manipulate people and whip them up into a frenzy yet when it counts and they should be furious about something like the bailouts hardly any of them say anything about it .

They just carry on in their own sweet way muttering under their breath and saying musnt grumble and all that rubbish.

NO Backbone the English on the whole.

Just a load of ineffectual petty minded whingers but quietly of course as we dont want to draw attention to ourselves and make a fuss in public now do we ?

Are they a waste of money ?

NO but there is a certain amount of output that is a waste of money on the BBC like Silent FuckWitness or Traffic Cops or Match of the day but not much else as their stanard of tv is preety good.

Where else would you get the learning zone or Weatherview ?

The BBC channels are the only channels worth watching.

I wouldnt pollute my mind with Murdoch garbage.

Purveyor of trash and filth and lowest common denominator garbage who makes it into an art form.

No one should have that degree of domination over popular media.

A waste.

No free market in popular media.

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