Monday, 6 October 2008

Howard Stern - Shock Jock - Lame Duck :

This guy is a joke.

Not worth listening to and vastly overrated.

And surprise surprise he votes DemoTwat and he only uses the term of abuse "Faggot" because he cannot think of anything else more creative to insult someone with but its a very bad habit he has got there and it had better stop unless he offends his comrades in the DemoTard party.

The stupid twat will get the fright of his life if Nobama does win as he will lose most of his $100 million in taxes but he probably spends more time in front of the mirror doing his hair than paying attention to politics.Stupid Hollywood Libs.Too busy snorting Cocaine up their noses to do anything other than vote for a celebrity.

Like Lambs to the slaughter they go and as per usual i will be here saying i told you so.

There is always something new to laugh at everyday with American Libs !!

Sex education for 5-6 yr olds [Lib education policy].Degrading .Enough said.

Best election campaign ever !@!


[Actually its *tragic* but i cant fail to see the funny side of it all and life without humour is boring]

Have any of you seen the Nobama tax plan ???

Its a disaster waiting to happen.

And if you think thats bad there is the 1.5 Quadrillion USD vastly inflated Derivatives investment bubble waiting to go POP !*$$$£££!!! with a very loud bang in a few years and when that happens everything you know and the entire planets economy is going to crash and its inevitable so you have been warned and i will be saying i told you so as well.

More details regarding Derivatives will follow.

Useless Narcissistic Shallow FuckTards.

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