Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tornado comic :

I never read this comic at the time so i am unfamiliar with its content.Altogether its a very good reas but best of all is 2 Belardinelli strips that i was totally unaware of .

One is written by Alan Hebden as well which is too much !! although i have only read 2 episodes so it may turn out to be good or bad.

Mind you one of them was a one off like a future shock.

Ebay is calling and i want a complete run.

Blackhawk is not drawn by Belardinelli which is a shame.The artist who draws it reminds me a bit of Ian Gibson.

The really interesting thing is i got 1 copy of Action comic and Belardinelli drew Greens Grudge War and the really interesting thing is doing a comparison and seeing how his artwork developed over a 5 - 6 year timescale or even a 3 year timescale.He really improved over time and many will say that Ace Trucking was when he was at his peak but i wont argue too much with that except that i didnt enjoy Ace Trucking *except* for the art even though i disliked the characters and the script.

The art made it worthwhile.

As an aside i wasnt that fond of Rogue Trooper that replaced Meltdown Man either.

Future war ? Boring.

Ambivelence was/is a more accurate description of my feelings rather than dislike.

For me it was a massive disappointment [despite the art] and will always assert that his best work was Meltdown Man but then i would say that although Inferno , Flesh book 2 and Blackhawk are a joint second best.

I *cannot* understand why hardly anyone likes these strips.

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