Friday, 3 October 2008


MAKE THEM FUCKING STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I HATE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PHEW!!! thank fuck for that they have finally stopped.

20 minutes that little lot went on for and even though i had music on i could still hear and feel them going off and i swear i felt a slight tremor in the floor when the loudest explosions were going off.

Poetic moment or 20 minutes as the fireworks went off as i got the news.

The worst crime ever has been committed in the US with the Senate passing the 851 billion bail out bill.Its no longer politics for the people anymore its politics for the rich and what the vast majority of the US want is TOTALLY irrelevent.

I already knew this of course but i have never ever seen anything as blatant as this before EVER.

They will live to regret this decision.

BIG mistake.

Paulson banks with Goldman Sachs.Paulson panics for nothing because Goldman Sachs was never even close to going under because Goldman Sachs and JP MORGAN are government affiliated so they will be the last to collapse.

Paulson threatens martial law if the bill was not passed.

Did you get that ?

If not then read it again and think about it.

There *will* be martial law in america if this bailout is not passed.

Notice anything there ?

Will be Martial Law ?

Will ????

Paulson says WILL.

That i believe is an executive decision that should only be made in a national emergency so what the fuck is Paulson who is a banker saying something like that for ???

Is Paulson the President ???

Is Paulson even in the Republican party ???

No himself and the fed and all of the rest of the JewBanksterMafioso own the republicans and own the political system and when push comes to shove they control what happens.

Was that a threat ???

I do believe it was.

"Give me the money or you lose all your rights !!!"


History in the making.

Watch this space.

No one will ever know where this money is going to.

This is actually very very very good news indeed and i will explain why ? later .

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