Friday, 31 October 2008

Pub for sale :

Not a bad looking building and actually a very good one .

Its looks like a largely intact frontage with a tiled upstand or short wall below it.

Very rare to find an intact wooden shopfront like that.

The hopperhead and drain pipe looks to be original and made of lead.Beautiful.

Actually its modern and plastic [never mind] and the surface paintwork is very unstable.It looks a mess but is not as bad as it looks.Mostly intact and would look stunning restored incorporating the mural like i said earlier with the red parts repainted by Banksy.

The way that the downpipe runs around the window is idiotic .

Reinstate the Georgian squared windows.

Research its history and going by the outside there must be some interesting stuff inside and relativly intact historically

It would make a very good pub

The streetlights need to be moved.Both of them.

Nice door as well.

Its difficult to see how the lower half of the mural can be worked into a development without disturbing it.

Keep.The top half and paint round it.

Remove the plywood panels from the windows and hang them up inside the pub or whatever it will be as individual bits of art.Where there is glass behind the panels reproduce the mural on the glass and repaint it across the woodwork above it as existing.

It looks like the whole street needs investment and if it was a thriving area it would make a good focal point as a pub but not some stupid Banksy theme pub or art pub or whatever although thats really inevitable.
Just an idea but i think its a waste leaving it as it is exactly as seen.

This building should be listed.

Looks like an empty plot next door with the edge of a wall

Liverpool is completely underrated architecturally.

Underrated city really.

I like the scale of it and the fact you can walk around the historic parts in a day and there used to be streets and streets and streets of derelict georgian houses.Council housing stock left empty by Derek Hatton.No idea if they have been done up.

Years ago i used to see little Banksy spraypaint stencils everywhere around the Brick Lane area

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