Thursday, 30 October 2008

Here are some of the disgusted Sun Readers or whatever that want them both to be sacked.

Not a pretty sight is it ?

They look like the sort of people you find in a queue to go into a bingo hall.

"Ooooohh i think its disgusting it is ,absolutely disgusting !! , Jonathon ross has got a mouth like a sewer !! ...Sack him ,the amount of money he gets paid its disgusting...disgusting!! "

Its like they dont like the fact he gets paid a lot.

Jealousy and sour grapes from a load of losers.If they werent losers they wouldnt be hanging round at bus stops.

One of them looks a like Harry Enfield and this clip is a bit like something from the fast show.

What an ugly bunch of losers and only ONE of them blamed whoever it was that let it go out on air.

The rest are just vindictive and petty minded.

I find them and their faces offensive but i dont want to ban them.

I wished they read this blog.

"Ban this sick filth !! Its disgustin it is ! ,the language is filthy ! ,It shouldnt be allared !!,mouth like gutter !!"

Its like they have never uttered a swear word in their lives.

I bet the BBC wont sack J Ross.

Too popular.

No more edgy comedy.

We dont want anything edgy do we ?

Certainly not.

Middle England.


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