Thursday, 2 October 2008

Faux wood graining:

I get paid for doing this sometimes and i was doing some today.I do a whole range of finishes both wood and simulated marble but i hardly ever get asked to do it but i am a Heritage painter amongst other things.

Talking of which i wish that job in london would start soon as i need the cash.Its a wood paneled room in one of the most important buildings in london [for one of the Sainsburys family].The paneling and carved wooden chimney piece was removed from the building in the 1930s.It was traced to the US where it went to and it was shipped back a year ago and stripped back to wood and reinstated back into 56 + 58 Artillery Lane in London.I was repairing the carved wooden chimney piece [Grinling Gibbons style] by replacing and recarving the missing sections of wood but just the easy bits.

The chimney piece has a market value of 250,000 quid but it cant ever be sold because the Spitalfields Trust would prosecute anyone who tried.

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