Friday, 17 October 2008

Weirdness :

The things you find on the internet are unbelievable.Theres no end to the absurdity and weirdness of the web.

I was searching for a picture of Damien from the Omen for a very particular reason which i shall explain later .

This picture got me curious that appeared on an image search.

Damien Zygote.


Who and what is Damien Zygote ??

Dont know who he is but he looks like a plague/radiation sickness victim with a mop on his head which has been dyed various colours.

Looks like one off those american panto goth / heavy metal types.

Takes all sorts you know.

I will search for some Damien Zygote on Youtube.

Having listened its more like industrial than Metal and videos with footage of Hitler and burning churches.

Sort of what i expected.

Incredibly stupid ,naive and juvenile.

The name Damien Zygote says it all.

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