Friday, 17 October 2008

Collectivism = Failure :

Had people round for a healthy concert which is just a bunch of people who show up here that i dont know who each play a couple of their own songs or read poetry.

i didnt invite them.My housemate did.He always asks if he can invite them round and i always say yes thats fine as dont want to stop anyone enjoying themselves but its not of any interest to me but i got chatting to one of them who i have never met before.

Funny weird looking guy who seemed alright until he started talking politics.

He leans very far to the left and believes in Socialism.

Anyway dont get me started or i wont stop.

He was saying that he used to have a scam going .Something about renting rooms out and making 28,000 quid until he was caught out.Didnt quite get it really.He was going on about the UN or world government coming together under Socialism with 1 currency.

Not far from the truth.

The stuff of nightmares and rather like Aldous Huxleys Brave New World.


Try explaining it to losers like the guy i was chatting to this evening .

I didnt even bother as i didnt want to be unkind or harsh but i really felt like it.

It was hard to resist but sometimes its better just to let it go.

The guy is an idiot but i was too polite to say so

Socialism/Collectivism is for low intelligence idiots who cant do any better and dont want to do any better.


Every left winger i talk to is some kind of weirdo and a hypocrite in one way or another.

It actually causes more problems than it solves.

The only people that support all out Socialism are Losers.

Segregate them all.

I am not right wing .I dont know what i am as i dont fit into a category politically.

Somewhere inbetween.

I am happy to pay taxes that help the less well off and i do have Liberal tendencies to some degree but i will never ever vote for Socialist government ever.

Failures but dont just take my word for it and remember yet again that i will be sitting here saying i told you so.

I despise these people like other people who despise Nazis.I despise Nazis as well by the way.

Look it up yourself.

Will Nobama be redistributing his wealth ??


Hypocritical POS.

Collectivism doesnt get rid of the rich anyway and never has.It just means everyone ends up poor.

Everyone ends up unemployed.

Socialism kills enterprise.

Socialism kills nations.

Socialism kills democracy [what little there is].

Socialism kills free speech.

Socialism kills debate.

Socialism kills the middle class.

Socialism kills self determination.

Socialism kills personal independence.

Socialism kills self actualisation.

Socialism kills self realisation.

Socialism kills the will of the individual.

Socialism KILLS.

Dont tell me it doesnt.

Its undeniable FACT.

Socialism kills.

Inhumane sick people as bad as Nazis in my not humble opinion.

Their mouths and minds are full of Wrong.

I am incapable of hate and i am pure of heart and mind but these people i cannot abide.


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